Worship Studies Degree

by Jason McGee

Searching for a Worship Studies Degree?

Do you see yourself in a career of spreading the Word of God and all He has to offer? You may have thought about becoming a pastor or even a priest. If that is true, you will need to have the proper education under your belt to be able to help communicate that message to others. That is where a Worship studies degree can be beneficial. There  are many colleges and universities that offer degree programs in this field, and they are waiting for you!

Liberty University

Worship Studies Degree

Liberty University offers accelerated 8 week classes online.

Liberty University is a private, accredited Christian University that allows you to earn an accelerated, accredited degree when and where you are – no night classes, no commuting. It’s simple, flexible and of course, Christian. If you want to make a difference in your life, but not interrupt it, Liberty University may be right for you.

Online Associate’s Degrees

  • Religion
  • Psychology – Christian Counseling

Online Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Psychology – Christian Counseling
  • Religion
  • Psychology – Crisis Counseling
  • Psychology – Life Coaching
  • Psychology – Substance Abuse
  • Education
  • Multidisciplinary Studies

Master’s Degrees

  • Chaplaincy
  • Missional Studies
  • Pastoral Ministries
  • Professional Ministries
  • Education – School Counseling
  • Master of Divinity
  • Christian Leadership
  • Discipleship Ministries
  • Evangelism & Church Planting
  • Worship Studies
  • Biblical Studies
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Religious Education
  • Sacred Theology
  • Health and Wellness
  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Management and Leadership
  • Marketplace Chaplaincy
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Professional Counseling – 60 Hour
  • Religion
  • Teaching – Special Education
  • Theological Studies

Doctoral Degrees

  • Doctor of Ministry
  • PhD in Counseling-Pastoral Counseling

Liberty University is a private, accredited Christian University that allows you to earn an accelerated, accredited degree when it is most convenient for you.

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Worship Studies Degree

In many cases, the Worship Studies degree is a concentration within a Masters in Religion degree program. However even though it is a concentration, there is a large emphasis on Worship Studies and its practical applications.

The Worship Studies degree requires 45 credit hours, 30 of which are core courses, and 15 of which are concentrations. These courses lay the basic foundation into worship studies, including an orientation into the New and Old Testaments and theology. It also explores World Missions, as well as church planting and evangelism. Upon reaching the point where you must select a concentration, you will be looking at Worship Leadership, finally completing courses in Teaching Ministry, Preparing a Sermon, Expository Preaching, or Communication within a Christian Ministry.

Once the Worship Studies degree program is completed, you will have the tools necessary to start your own ministry or work in an exisiting church. Having a foundation in the Bible and communicating to others can help build a church and help grown the Christian Faith.