Searching for an Online Christian Counseling Degree?

If you like to help people with their problems and have a strong belief in your faith, then an online Christian counseling degree may be a good choice for you. Christian counseling differs from general counseling in the fact that Christian counseling allows you to combine your Christian faith with your work. Although both Christian and non-Christian counselors use the same basic principles of therapy, Christian counselors use the Bible as a behavioral model.

Liberty University – Christian Counseling Degrees

Online Christian Counseling Degree

Liberty University offers accelerated 8 week classes online.

Liberty University is a private, accredited Christian University that allows you to earn an accelerated, accredited degree when and where you are – no night classes, no commuting. It’s simple, flexible and of course, Christian. If you want to make a difference in your life, but not interrupt it, Liberty University may be right for you.

Online Christian Counseling Degrees:

Liberty University is a private, accredited Christian University that allows you to earn an accelerated, accredited degree when it is most convenient for you.

Christian Counseling Degree – What to Expect

In order to enroll in an online Christian counseling degree program, you must first have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, typically counseling or psychology. Programs are generally one year in duration and grant the student the extra specialization upon graduation. Coursework includes a mixture of psychology and counseling courses, such as theories in counseling, biblical counseling for women, and issues of biblical counseling. Currently, Colorado Christian, Grand Canyon University, and Liberty University offer the program online, with more and more online programs becoming available.

Benefits of an Online Christian Counseling Degree Program

If you have a strong faith in your Christian beliefs and want to help people, this degree provides you with a different way to approach counseling. While you can still perform non-religious counseling, this degree opens up the door to provide aid to those that have an inherent faith by using the common beliefs you share with your client to help them.

Career Choices

Graduates from an online Christian counseling degree program can work in a variety of environments including churches and non-profit organizations. You can also become a youth group leader, missionary, hospital counselor, marriage and family counselor, or a mental health professional. Christian counselors have been called on to travel to devastated areas to help counsel survivors.

By earning an online Christian counseling degree, you could be just one short year away from an even more rewarding career. You will be able to use your faith and beliefs to provide faith based assistance to those in need, when they need it the most.